Workshop 3

3. Cultural landscapes of boom and bust

University College London, 1 June

Speakers included Simon Reynolds, Miriam Greenberg, Laura Oldfield Ford, Kevin Milburn, Maxa Zoller and Mirielle Roddier

This workshop explored the relationship between creativity and periods of urban economic volatility.  In so doing it focused on the key historical role of musicians, artists, architects and other creative specialists in shaping, propagating – and challenging – creative city agendas and new forms of cultural entrepreneurialism.  These discussions were drawn on to consider the implications of recent financial and fiscal turbulence, and an accompanying reduction in educational funding, public commissioning and corporate sponsorship. Has property market instability opened up new urban spaces for cultural production? Are ‘recessional aesthetics’ offering new opportunities and narratives for political experimentation and ‘counterneoliberalizations’?

Cultural landscapes of boom and bust programme


nido_ice cream van in the quad

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