Dr Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris is a Lecturer in Geography and Urban Studies at University College London (UCL). He is interested in how culture is entangled with the economic restructuring of cities, the creation of new social identities, and shifts in the scale and scope of urban governance. He has undertaken extensive research over the last decade on the role of activities and practices associated with visual arts in shaping contemporary urban landscapes in London, Mumbai and Buenos Aires. He teaches a module on ‘Creative Cities’ for Masters students at UCL.


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Louis Moreno

Louis Moreno is a post-graduate researcher at the UCL Urban Laboratory, CABE research associate, and visiting graduate tutor at Goldsmiths (Visual Culture). His PhD research (funded by AHRC and CABE) examines the relationship between the changing national and regional economic structure of the UK and the production of the built environment in UK cities over the past twenty years. In 2009 he edited a collection of essays from leading and emerging urban thinkers examining how the architecture and urban culture of cities are shaped by moments of financial crisis. A pdf of the book is available here: