Workshop 5

5. The right to the creative city

29 July, in collaboration with Hub Westminster

Peter Marcuse (Columbia University), Andy Merrifield, Indy Johar (Research 00:/), Zayd Minty (Cape Town Partnership), Michael Edwards (University College London), Bob Colenutt (University of Northampton), Anthony Iles and Josephine Berry Slater (Mute magazine)


Peter Marcuse – The Right to the Creative City from Hub Westminster on Vimeo.

This event explored how the creative city concept can be politically reshaped and recharged. It considered the role for less instrumentalised uses of arts and culture in strategies of urban renewal, and ways of providing more diverse forms of cultural infrastructure for marginalised urban groups. How can creative practices and competences be used in highlighting urban power relations and issues of social justice? How is it possible to recognise and accommodate competing narratives and demands in creative city planning and policy-making? And what is the role for education and the internet in forging and promoting new understandings and practices of the creative city?

Right to the Creative City Programme

Photographs © Martin Slavin


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