Workshop 4

4. The real (e)state of the creative city

Monday June 27 2011

University of Leeds – in collaboration with Dr Rachael Unsworth (University of Leeds)

Speakers include Professor Thomas Hutton (School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia), Professor Tim May & Dr. Beth Perry (SURF, University of Salford), Dr. David Bell (University of Leeds)

This workshop will focus on the way creative industries and cultural practitioners have related to the physical fabric and process of change in cities. We are interested in examining how the physical reconstruction of cities have influenced the way creative and cultural producers relate to the market and the state. More generally, we also want to examine how the boom and the bust has influenced the occupancy of urban space and perceptions of the culture of cities. What forms of creativity and cultural production were drawn into regeneration and ‘urban renaissance’, what still remain marginal? And what is now happening to creative and cultural practices and the position of practitioners within the urban fabric?

Tom Hutton presentation (pdf file – 12.3 MB)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Background papers:

Leeds Arts Future – Leeds Initiative Jan 2011

Leeds Vision for Culture May 2010


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